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openejb3 testing -- first go

Alright, so now I have something that works without too many clever  

Build as normal...

$ mvn clean install

That silly bug in assembly is still there, so build that separately...

$ cd openejb-assembly

$ mvn assembly:assembly

Then you can execute any number of three testing scenarios:


$ maven test:local

That will test the embedded scenario.


$ maven test:remote

That will test the a client app in it's vm against a standalone  
server in it's own vm.  The communication will happen over our ejb  


$ maven test:remote

Same as #2 but the communication will happen with the ejb protocol  
layered over http.

The client application used contains only the following libraries and  
not a single jar more.  So we are really eating our own dog food here  
and not just slurping in all the jars we say we don't need:

   - org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-ejb_3.0_spec
   - org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-jta_1.0.1B_spec
   - junit:junit
   - org.openejb:openejb-itests
   - org.openejb:openejb-client

There is a bunch more to do on the tomcat integration to get that  
testing again.  That'll be the next thing to knock off the list.  
Once that is there and we can easily test all the various modes of  
using OpenEJB, I want to start porting in tons more OpenEJB 2 code  
and keep all the tests working as we do it.  We have a lot of code to  
reuse from the various incarnations of OpenEJB, hence the focus on  
testing up front to keep us on mark.

We're getting there.