Usage of JSON-P from unmanaged Thread

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Usage of JSON-P from unmanaged Thread

If i do this

in apache-tomee-plume-8.0.0-M1 i get the following exception:

When using

it works.

I am aware that using the ManagedExecutorService is the correct way in a
Java EE application-server, but I think the error is easy to make. So I am
- Is this an issue that the TomEE folks are aware of for JSON-P? It does not
strike me as an API where I need to be careful about managed/unmanaged
threads. Maybe this is easy to fix (or better "make work")?
- Does it make sense to provide a better error-message that is more
beginnerfriendly? Maybe "JSON-P usage from an unmanged thread. Please make
sure to not use JSON-P on a thread that is not managed by the


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