TomEE 8.0.0-M1 has been released :-)

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TomEE 8.0.0-M1 has been released :-)

Hello everyone,

Congratulation for this intermediate release it provides visibility and shows that you're working on it :)

Could you confirm that TomEE 8 will be Java EE 8 compliant ? Meaning that:

*         JAX-RS 2.1

*         CDI 2.0

*         JSON-P 1.1

*         JSON-B 1.0
will be there ?

As far as I have understood, it will be MP 1.3 certified and not MP 2.0 because, the following specs are not there in TomEE 8:

*         OpenTracing 1.0 (mandatory for MP 2.0) instead of 1.1

*         RestClient 1.1 (mandatory for MP 2.0) instead of 1.0

*         Config 1.3 (mandatory for MP 2.0) instead of 1.2

*         FaultTolerance 1.1 (mandatory for MP 2.0) instead of 1.0

*         JWT Propagation 1.1 (mandatory for MP 2.0) instead of 1.0
Am I right ?

Best regards.
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