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Re: [openejb-user] Directories created by OpenEjb automatically?

On Oct 28, 2005, at 7:27 AM, Rajesh Puri wrote:

> I deployed my ejb's in openejb(0.9.2) and was trying
> to do a per instance install. I did followings
> Deployed EJB's in openejb.
> Copied openejbloader war in tomcat.
> Deployed my application in war along with jar for ejb.
> Now when I start Tomcat I see a number of directories
> created by openejb. They are named like
> opeejb99999999. When I see content of these they are
> really validate jars for beans deployed in openejb.
> How can I make them go to a tmp folder and clean them
> automatically. Seems everytime i stop/restart bunch of
> these directories get created -  can i prevent this at
> all.

They do go to the system tmp folder, which I believe Tomcat changes  
to point to it's own tmp dir.  The files are marked to be deleted  
when the system exits and should go away when the Tomcat VM exits.  
There is no way to skip validation at startup, so you will get new  
directories the next time Tomcat starts.

Out of curiosity, is there some reason you aren't using any of the  
1.0-x builds?  Regardless if you choose to stay with 0.9.2, it would  
be great to know if there was some discomfort or issue with 1.0-x  
that steered you away from it.