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Re: [openejb-scm] [confluence] OPENEJB: Annoyances

Wow, we've actually had someone bite on the Annoyances page and give  
us some feedback.

The real interesting thing is that this is the first site-edit by a  
non-contributor since we switched to confluence.  Go figure it was on  
the Annoyance page which I more or less added as an experiment.

Very interesting.


On Apr 3, 2006, at 12:56 PM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Comment Added : OPENEJB : Re: Annoyances
> Annoyances commented on by Steve Schmitt (Apr 03, 2006).
> Comment:
> There appears to be an issue with classloading that is not  
> adequately addressed on the Validation page.  I have a base class
> public abstract class SessionController implements SessionBean
> and all my stateless session EJBs extend this class.  For example,
> public class LookUpControllerEJB extends SessionController
> SessionController is in a jar in my classpath, and my EJB is in a  
> separate ejb.jar.  When I attempt to validate the EJB, I get:
>      [java] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/system/controller/
> SessionController
>      [java]  ERROR ... Cannot validate jar
>      [java]     com/system/controller/SessionController
>      [java]  FAIL ... LookUpControllerEJB: Misslocated class
>      [java]     The class  
> was found in a parent  
> classloader and was loaded from there rather than this jar.  
> However, a dependent class com/system/controller/SessionController  
> was not found in the parent classloader.
>  This is message is incorrect.  The parent classloader loads  
> SessionController, and the child (EJB) classloader loads  
> LookUpControllerEJB.  OpenEJB is confused by the class hierarchy.
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