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Re: [OEJB3.0-BUILD] - Why not using ibibilio m2 repo

Alan Cabrera
David Blevins wrote:

> On Jul 3, 2006, at 12:53 PM, Mohammed Nour wrote:
>> Hi All...
>> While building OEJB3.0 a missing dependency has been found, it is
>> xbean-finder jar artifact version 2.4-SNAPSHOT, I could not found
>> this jar artifact on any site listed in the main pom.xml file, I
>> could only find this artifact on and the only
>> available version was 2.4 not 2.4-SNAPSHOT, so I updated the list of
>> repos and the version of this artifact in all pom.xml which have a
>> dependency on this artifact.
> We should be using ibiblio in the m2 repo.  I was somehow under the
> impression this came automatically, but I could just be delusional.  
> Brett, you know what the deal is with ibiblio and m2?
> As far as the xbean-finder library, i uploaded a copy here:
> Not sure if we have that repo in our repo list.

IIUC, there are magic repos that get replicated out to ibiblio.  
Otherswise the preferred method is submitting a Jira issue for Carlos to
upload the jar.


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