PersistenceUnitUtil.getIdentifier() throws a NPE

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PersistenceUnitUtil.getIdentifier() throws a NPE


I noticed that in TomEE Plume if
PersistenceUnitUtil.getIdentifier(<some_entity>) is called before any
persistence operation is performed, it throws a NullPointerException. This
happens because in EclipseLink PersistenceUnitUtil.getIdentifier() uses an
object which gets initialized upon entity manager creation. And TomEE
initially binds in the application context a JtaEntityManager, while the
actual EclipseLink entity manager is created lazily on the first
persistence operation.

This seems to be a problem of EclipseLink, but is there any way to work it
around in TomEE? Any way, e.g., to force creation of the actual entity
manager instead of lazy creation?