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MicroProfile and Jakarta EE Javadoc online

David Blevins-2
For convenience to ourselves and the world, I went ahead and collected and published the MicroProfile 2.0 and Jakarta EE 8.0 javadoc:

 - http://tomee.apache.org/microprofile-2.0/javadoc/
 - http://tomee.apache.org/jakartaee-8.0/javadoc/

It's actually there mixed in with our own javadoc as well so the implementations of all the major interfaces are very easy to find:

 - http://tomee.apache.org/tomee-8.0/javadoc/org/eclipse/microprofile/jwt/JsonWebToken.html (shows two implementations)
 - http://tomee.apache.org/tomee-8.0/javadoc/javax/ejb/EJBContext.html (shows eight implementations)

Hopefully this will make our code a little easier to digest.

David Blevins