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Latest Unstable - OpenEJB 1.0 20060214


A new unstable build is available; OpenEJB 1.0 20060214.

As noted in our last unstable build (1.0 20050929), we had planned on  
making some changes to our command-line tools.  Jeremy has finished  
with those and this build contains those changes.  Here are some of  
the design docs for this:

The previous way we were starting OpenEJB was just no good as it  
didn't allow you to pass debug arguments through.  This is now fixed  
and you can even start OpenEJB via an executable jar.  The wiki page  
above describes how we redesigned our openejb executable so that any  
number of command line options can be added by simply being in the  
classpath.  A pretty cool feature for anyone wishing to extend the  
OpenEJB toolset.

If you come up with neat commands or have translated our command  
descriptions to another language, we have very happy to take them.

If there are no issues with this build, we will issue a 1.0 later  
this week!  So please get us your feedback asap.  We are really most  
interested to see that we didn't break anything around our command  
line tools.

OpenEJB 1.0 20060214 


Best regards,
David Blevins