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Jakarta EE namespace discussion

David Blevins-2
Hi All,

On the Jakarta EE side of the fence, we've issued statements last week Friday that modification of javax as originally intended will not be allowed.  Here are two tweets with information:

 - https://twitter.com/mmilinkov/status/1124252441288032256
 - https://twitter.com/dblevins/status/1124398525138128896

At this moment, there's a discussion going on the Jakarta EE Platform dev list on how to move forward with a rename of `javax` to `jakarta`.  Your voice as a user is encouraged on this tread and list.

 - https://www.eclipse.org/lists/jakartaee-platform-dev/msg00029.html
 - https://accounts.eclipse.org/mailing-list/jakartaee-platform-dev  (subscribe)

Additionally, there's a Jakarta EE community hangout scheduled for tomorrow 8am Pacific.  This is open to everyone.  Details here:

 - https://twitter.com/JakartaEE/status/1125741766559375365

If you have any TomEE specific thoughts or concerns a user, feel encouraged to voice them, ask questions as much as you'd like here.

Ultimately, what is decided on the Jakarta EE Platform Dev list will have implications over here, but certainly any TomEE community discussion in parallel is also completely welcome.

David Blevins