JCache / ehcache impl in TomEE 8 ?

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JCache / ehcache impl in TomEE 8 ?

Stéphane Kay
I'm just trying a simple use of JCache JSR107 with a JUnit running on the TomEE 8 , but I'm facing this frustrating error :

CachingProvider cachingProvider =  Caching.getCachingProvider();
    javax.cache.CacheManager cacheManager = cachingProvider.getCacheManager();

Exception caught :
javax.cache.CacheException: No CachingProviders have been configured

        at javax.cache.Caching$CachingProviderRegistry.getCachingProvider(Caching.java:112)
        at javax.cache.Caching$CachingProviderRegistry.getCachingProvider(Caching.java:99)
        at javax.cache.Caching.getCachingProvider(Caching.java:50)

I find a work around adding that non-official component in my app:

- How does TomEE implement JSR107?
- Will TomEE 8 upgrade to EHCache >3.1 ?

Thank you for your reply.

Stephen Kay

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