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David Blevins-2
Note it is bad form to have a discuss thread and vote thread started in parallel.  Ideally the vote thread comes after a period of discussion.  Due to the time constraints mentioned in the vote thread, I'm kicking them off in parallel.

## Background

For those interested in background on where these two options came from, here are the links to meeting minutes where the Jakarta EE Working Group voted to invite Apache as a Guest Member (2018-12-11) and the later vote to provide a second option in the event Apache did not join (2019-05-21).

 - https://jakarta.ee/meeting_minutes/steering_committee/minutes-december-11-2018.pdf
 - https://jakarta.ee/meeting_minutes/steering_committee/minutes-may-21-2019.pdf

## Scope

This this only affects Jakarta EE Platform and Jakarta EE Web Profile implementations at the ASF.  Jakarta EE component specification implementations at the ASF like Tomcat, CXF, ActiveMQ, OpenWebBeans, BVal, etc can get listed on jakarta.ee with or without Apache being a Member.  Similarly there are no special compatibility logos for Servlets, CDI, JAX-RS, etc. that require membership to use.

## General use of Jakarta EE Logo

General use of the Jakarta EE logo is also allowed with permission.  Permission to that logo can be granted without the need for membership in the Jakarta EE Working Group.

## TCK Results Summaries

Do not get confused interpreting TCK Results Summaries with full TCK results, which are several gigabytes in size.  The summaries mentioned in the vote thread are defined here under the section "Public TCK Results Summary":

 - https://jakarta.ee/committees/specification/tckprocess/

David Blevins

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