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Baby steps in the tomee world


I am examining the migration of a lot of tomcat 6+ applications to tomee 7.1 and try to find my way in the project.

First of all, what is the correct way to read the documentation.  The main page brings me to  which provides only tomee 8 docs.    Manually changing the URL gives me the 7.1 equivalent.  But I notice google brings me to a lot of site pages I can't reach from there, e.g. has a lot of menu items the main page hasn't.   I also have a first impression the docs are sometimes a bit disorganised, incomplete , out of date or even wrong.

For now, I try to find my way in the configuration, which in my current apps resides mostly in context.xml.  What is the support status of this file WRT tomee.xml?   Specifically, I would prefer to use the pure xml style of context.xml as tomee.xml 's mix of XML and text is causings some problems for me.  e.g. the eclipse source formatter destroys it, bulk updating or querying with xpath is impossible

Best regards,

Hans Yperman