[ANN] Apache TomEE 8.0.6

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[ANN] Apache TomEE 8.0.6

The Apache TomEE team is pleased to announce the availability of TomEE

Apache TomEE delivers enterprise application containers and services based
on, but not limited to the Enterprise JavaBeans Specification and Java
Enterprise Edition Specifications.

These releases primarily provide bug fixes and update the
dependencies TomEE uses.

Notable changes include:

TomEE 8.0.6:

[TOMEE-2894] - Translate to Portuguese: examples/rest-cdi
[TOMEE-2922] - Tomee Webaccess - error in file script-sample-javascript
with "println"
[TOMEE-2935] - Naming context should not enforce read only on close
[TOMEE-2938] - [TCK/Certification] Xalan missing for JSTL xml:transform
[TOMEE-2952] - Shade Taglibs, Xalan and dependencies
[TOMEE-2933] - Update EclipseLink to 2.7.7
[TOMEE-2947] - Upgrade quartz-openejb-shade in TomEE 8/9
[TOMEE-2951] - Upgrade to Tomcat 9.0.41
[TOMEE-2953] - Update to Johnzon 1.2.9
[TOMEE-2954] - Implement JAX-RS SSE and add example
[TOMEE-2955] - Update to CXF 3.3.8

Full release notes:

Downloads are available at: http://tomee.apache.org/download-ng.html

- The Apache TomEE team.